Saturday, May 28, 2005

Useful IELTS Websites

Check out these websites.
You can practise a variety of skills that are tested in the IELTS exam.
The official British Council website.
Loads of IELTS practice material.
Full information on IELTS examination format and recognition with plenty of practice exercises.
Lots of information and some free sample activities available from the publishers Adams and Austen Press. There are samples and information but no interactive exercises.
Online for IELTS- an online IELTS course but it does have one unit of free material worth a look.
IELTS Far Eastern website with more examples, hints and tips, but some information is not English.
IELTS Guide, with practice in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, IELTS exercises, IELTS books on line, Hot topics.
Samples on reading, writing, and listening for IELTS.
If you are taking or thinking of taking the BEC then the best place to get information about the exam.

This is a very comprehensive site with links to TV, magazines and newspaper articles from all over the world.
This site was prepared for students of Leicester University in the UK, but its comprehensive look at current affairs should be of interest to everybody. and
The first of these sites is very comprehensive and looks at all the news you could possibly want to read, the second is dedicated only to International news and as an accompaniment to BBC World TV.
his site recently one the best current affairs Web Site award, to find out why you can visit this site.
Probably the most useful and user-friendly newspaper sites, with a search facility.
There are lots more. Keep reading, keep looking.


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