Saturday, July 16, 2005

Effective Reading

Train yourself to become a more effective reader!

Follow the 12 steps below:

1) Find an article in a newspaper, magazine or journal that looks interesting.

2) Copy down the title in your notebook. Sit and think of all the vocabulary items you would expect to find in it, and write them down in a list.

3) Write down 5 questions you would like to find the answers to in the article OR
4) Five aspects of the topic which interest you.

5) Read the article through once quickly. It is important to set yourself a time limit, and to try to read as fast as possible. While reading, refer to your questions, / notes (steps 3,4) to see whether there is any discussion of these points.

6) Read the article again: Note down 5-10 new words, and write next to them your estimation of their meaning. Then, check whether you were right, using a good dictionary (The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

7) Write a 60-word summary of the main point/message of the article.

8) Practise writing headings for some of the paragraphs. This will increase your ability to find the main point in each paragraph.

9) Grammar check. Make a note of any sentence constructions that you are unfamiliar with. Keep these in a separate notebook.

10) Aim to collect a large folder of articles from VARIOUS different newspapers/ magazines, (including British/ American publications), covering most of the topics included in the information sheet you were given in the first week.

11) Reflect on the article, and write a paragraph expressing your own opinion on the issues discussed.
By the end of the course, try to have read at least 40 articles on a variety of different subjects.


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