Thursday, August 18, 2005

Writing Task 2 - Useful Language

Here are some useful headers that you can use in your Writing Task 2 .

Expressing Views
I would argue that
I firmly believe that
It seems to me that
I tend to think that
People argue that
Some people think/say that
It is understood that
It is generally accepted that

Refuting an Argument
I am unconvinced that
I don’t believe that
It is hard to accept that
There is little evidence to support the……
It is unjustifiable to say that

By…… I mean
By this I mean
In other words
That is to say
To be more precise
Here I’m (not) referring to

Providing Support
For example
For instance
A good example of this is
In fact
Of course
If this were the case
In my experience
Let me illustrate

First of all…
I’d like to begin with
Secondly/ Then
I’d like to move on to…
Not forgetting the matter of
Before we go any further, let us look at
Last but not least there’s
To summarise,
To conclude

Generally speaking,…
There are in the region of …
On the whole
As a rule

What we really need are.


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